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Manpukuji Temple

Manpukuji Temple is said to have been built by Kogakubo Ashikaga Shigeuji between 1492 and 1500 and is the site of Shigeuji's grave.The temple also houses a Shaka Nyoraizo statue said to be a work of Gyoki from the Kamakura Engakuji Temple.The cherry blossom at the temple gate is a site to behold when it blooms in the spring.

706,Nowata Nogi-machi Shimotsuga-gun Tochigi-ken
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Manpukuji Temple


Access 15 minutes by car from JR station traffic Nogi (nearest) JR 6 minutes by car from Koga Station

  • Manpukuji TempleTemple gate
  • Manpukuji TempleSplendid Somei-Yoshi
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