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Coco Farm & Winery

Coco Farm & Winery is located about 4km north of Ashikaga Station. Coco Farm & Winery began in the 1950's when the intellectually handicapped students of Cocoromi-Gakuen plowed the average slope of 38 degrees hillside and planted 600 grape vines, and wine began being made from the grapes taken from the cultivated vines in 1980. The wine became famous when it was served in 2000 to the head's of the various countries attending the state dinner at the Kyushu-Okinawa summit, and the winery is visited by large numbers of tourists from all over the country during the fall harvest festival.

611,Tajima-cho Ashikaga-shi Tochigi-ken
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Coco Farm & Winery


Parking Available Opening hours 10:00-17:00

  • Coco Farm & Winery
  • Coco Farm & Winery
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