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Komaki En

Komaki En is a fruit orchard where visitors can enjoy gathering fruit. The farm cultivates mainly cherries but also peaches and grapes.Cherries ripen to deliciousness in June, and visitors can enjoy cherry picking no matter what the weather in our rain proof building. When cherry season ends in mid July, visitors can then enjoy peach picking.Grape picking follows peach season. The site offers a wide variety of grapes, including some rare types, providing visitors with an extremely enjoyable time.In addition the orchard also cultivates mangos, dragon fruit and other extremely sweet fruits.

600-2,Tokujiro-machi Utsunomiya-Shi Tochigi-ken
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Komaki En


Opening hours Cherry blossoms in early June to early July Peaches in lateJuly to early September Grape in Late September to early October

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