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Jojuin Temple

Located past peaceful ricefield pathways, Jojuin Temple was build nearly 565 years ago. The temple grounds are enclosed in flowering plants for all 4 seasons and the Japanese quince and over 100 year old weeping cherry trees bloom after mid March. In addition, the temple has a "Binzuru" statue, which has long been called the "Nade Botoke", and it is believed that caressing ("nade" in Japanese) the statue will help lessen the illnesses of the sick and help prevent illness in others. In addition, the temple is also home to a "Boke Fuji Kannon", rare in the northern Kanto region", which helps to lessen the quirks and troubles, called "boke" in Japanese, that plague us.

156,Miya Iwafune-machi Tochigi-ken
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Jojuin Temple


Sakura Category Bloom from late March to early April

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