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Seisuiji Temple

Seisuiji Temple stands amongst the vineyards of a mountain village and is the no. 26 amulet-issuing office of the Shimotsuke 33 Kannon Pilgrimage. Climbing the mountain path, the first thing a visitor notices is the brilliant vermillion temple of the 11-faced, 1000-armed Kannon. The path to the temple is a flower lined path with peonies and hydrangeas. The waterfall backdrop makes the scenery even more beautiful leading to the sometimes used alternative name, "the waterfall Kannon". Focusing on listening to the sounds of the waterfall, falling from the mountain beyond calms the spirit.

3427,Nishiyamada Ohira-machi Tochigi-shi Tochigi-ken
【Expressway entrance】
Tohoku Expressway Tochigi-Interchange


Seisuiji Temple


10 minutes by car from JR Ohirashita station

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