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Okashi no Shiro Nasu Heartland

Okashi no Shiro Nasu Heartland was opened in Nasu Town in April of 1989.The shop carries a wide variety of famous brand cakes. In addition, visitors can watch the sweets being made in the factory through the glass walls in the shop. There is a restaurant and café on the second floor where visitors can have a meal or enjoy freshly made cake. On the same site is the “Ohana no Shiro” and the day trip onsen hot spring “Gensen Nasusan” making the site a popular tourist spot even with Nasu locals.

4588-10,Takakuko Nasu-machi Nasu-gun Tochigi-ken
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Tohoku Expressway Nasu-Interchange


Okashi no Shiro Nasu Heartland


Opening hours 8:30-17:30 Closed Open every day Information A confectionery factory tour is available for free

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