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Kinryuji Temple

Kinryuji Temple is located on the opposite side of the Reiheishi Kaido from Tochigi City Hall. Kinryuji Temple was built in 1942 (Muromachi Period) by Ryokai Jyonin, a monk of the Jodo sect. The Uzumagawa River which flows near the temple is a habitat for carp, and there is a Chinese legend that if carp should ascent through 3 levels of flood gates, they will change into dragon ("ryu" in Japanese) and ascend to heaven, and this is where the temple's name comes from. At present, inside the temple grounds there is a Donryudo hall which is dedicated to Ganryu Jyonin for safe childbirth, child rearing and success in school which draws many worshippers. The temple also contains the grave of Yamamoto Yuzo, the great writer who was a Tochigi City native and recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit.

22-4,Yorozu-cho Tochigi-shi Tochigi-ken
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Kinryuji Temple


Access 10 minutes walk from Tochigi Station (JR, Tobu)

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