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Kongosan Zuihouji Temple

Kongosan Zuihouji Temple was established in 757 during the reign of Emperor Shomu by Shodo Shonin who also founded Nikkosan. The giant Fudo Myoo statue, towering 13 meters above the ground and rare in northern Kanto, is truly awe inspiring. The image stands at the temple entrance with large flames behind it, but the sword held by the image is said to be used to cut through the troubles plaguing petitioners and the rough seas of life, and is actually a kind and gentle Buddha which attracts worshippers from all over the country.

2239,Kusagyu Kanuma-shi Tochigi-ken
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Kongosan Zuihouji Temple


Opening hours 8:00-17:00 pm (until 4:30 pm in winter) Open all

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