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Oiwake Jizo Images

There is a strange story about the Oiwake Jizo. In the early 1700s a mason tried to split a stone that was embedded in the same of the river bed of the Daiyagawa River by hammering in a chisel, but when he inserted the chisel, blood ran from the stone. The surprised mason dug up the stone and found that it was a large Jizo image. The townspeople helped to move the Jizo image, but were unable to move it any further at the point where it still lies today, so they enshrined it there and when it was later moved to Nyoraiji Temple, the Jizo could be heard to be crying every night. It is said that the townspeople then figured that the Jizo must have been from the Nikko Kamman-ga-Fuchi area and flowed downstream, so they moved the Jizo back to its previous and current location where it had a good view of Nikko and it immediately stopped crying.

117,Imaichi Nikko-shi Tochigi-ken
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Nikko-Utsunomiya ROAD Imaichi-Interchange


Oiwake Jizo Images


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